Top 5 Destinations To Visit

The world is full of breathtaking places, and with such bewildering variety on offer it can be difficult to make the right choice. Here are 5 destinations which are trending:


Australia has long been near the top of the world’s top tourist destinations. Its vastness and the contrast of its modern, vibrant coastal cities with the strangeness and beauty of its interior have an enduring appeal. And one of Australia’s perennial advantages is its cost – it’s one of the developed world’s cheapest destinations.


France has long been a top travel destination, and its allure is undiminished. As well as the eternal beauties of Paris, its art galleries and museums, France is continuing to invest in its heritage with intitiatives like Bordeaux La Cité du Vin, a cathedral in praise of the wine industry. Over 10 floors, totalling 13,350 M2, the museum tells the story of France’s premier export in sights, sounds, taste and words. But don’t let the cities tie you down – set aside time to visit “La France Profonde” – a country of regions, each with its own customs, and with at least three cheeses to its name!


The Swedish region of Skåne is a great destination if you want to experience authentic Nordic cuisine. Skåne is the temperate region of southern Sweden that includes Malmo, the Swedish end of The Bridge made famous in the TV series of that name. Malmo has some great hospitality spots, including the amusingly-named Bastard restaurant – a byword for fine dining. Out of town the pretty coastline boasts the charming, colourful wooden architecture for which Sweden is famed.

Korcula Island

Croatia is a relative newcomer to the ranks of tourist destinations, but travellers are learning to appreciate its food, beauty and great value for money. Undiscovered by many, but not for long, are the delights of Korcula Island. An Adriatic neighbour to the very popular Hvar Island, this island is one of those fascinating finds in Croatia that remains untouched. Its little villages, olive groves and vineyards preserve a way of life that is quickly vanishing on the mainland. And the islanders are justly proud of their white wine.


After decades of strife, Mozambique is now at peace and relatively safe for the adventurous visitor. Be among the first to experience its rare combination of safari-style tourism and incredible, and very surfable, beaches. Master the “Mozambique Beach Break”, or have some post-safari fun with a snorkel.

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